Moore Stephens

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About the award

This award recognises the company who has more than 250 employees and employs between 3 and 19 students on an undergraduate placement, internship, vacation scheme or insight. They must have a minimum of 5 student-written reviews on These reviews alongside other vital statistics are placed into an algorithm and curates the Top 50 Medium-sized Undergraduate Employers table. To see how you can be a part of the table contact 

Why they won

New entrants this year, Moore Stephens breezed their way to the top, becoming the second company in NUE Award history to win this award on their first year of entering.

A word from the sponsor


As a collaborator with RMP Enterprise, we understand the direct importance of collectively working together for student success. We believe an important aspect of students building a career path is how their university works with employers, and what initiatives they put in place to benefit them.

A significant proportion of our team at ProspectSoft are previous placements, so we know first-hand how critical it is for employers and universities to build and maintain ongoing relationships. To demonstrate our support and admiration for these institution’s efforts, we’re officially partnering with RMP on this Award.”