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About the award

This award shouts and congratulates small businesses who offer excellent work experience opportunities for undergraduate students. The company must employ less than 250 people and have students participate in an undergraduate work experience scheme which runs for a minimum of one week.

Why they won

ProspectSoft’s commitment and investment into their scheme shone through their submission. The impact students have had to contribute to their evolution into a cloud-based SaaS product, demonstrates their belief in early talent. A belief which is backed up with placements across all business areas and an astonishing two-thirds of permanent staff having completed a placement with them previously. 


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A word from the sponsor

University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham are passionate about working in partnership with SMEs, and therefore couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to sponsor this Award. Our partnerships have led to bespoke internship opportunities with local social enterprise and start-ups, including the development of a national graduate programme. SMEs are a hidden gem of opportunity that offer students invaluable experience