Tom Moyce

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About the award

The role of Brand Manager can be exceptionally hard especially when juggling a degree and university life. Spotlighting students who have helped to break down barriers on campus in a creative, intuitive and successful way is very important. For many companies, they are the fuel to their undergraduate marketing campaigns so we want to identify those champions and celebrate them. The winner also gets £250 to say thank you. 

Why they won

Tom’s passion and enthusiasm for building the employer brand on campus was remarkable. His close relationships with the university, enthusiasm for digital and campus activity and dedicated support for students learning about the business, has gone beyond the realms of what previous Brand Managers have achieved. Targeted with direct sourcing of candidates in his region whilst working in a team of 10, they drove over half of the 31 hires.


Angus Rogers

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Raeesa Rajmohamed

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A word from the sponsor


Mazars is proud to be sponsoring this year’s Best Brand Manager Award. We understand the difficulty for students to manage both a degree and university life. We are excited to have the opportunity to acknowledge a student who has gone above and beyond expectations to deliver a unique and innovative marketing campaign.

We’d like to take this opportunity to commend all of the shortlisted candidates and also offer a huge congratulations to this year’s winner who will be rewarded £250 for all of their hard work.