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About the award

This award celebrates the tireless and invaluable contributions made by a centralised university placement service in the UK to help over 100 students apply and maximise their work experience opportunities. Winners of this award win an insight day for ten of their students at Marks & Spencer’s head office. 

Why they won

The University of Leeds team blew the judges away with the sheer amount of activities the service offers to promote placements to students. They have a strong focus on early engagement with first-year students and initiatives such as their myth-busting and interactive lectures saw 900 first-years across 30-degree programmes take part. With an incredible 500% increase in female students securing STEM placements, the stats spoke for themselves.


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A word from the sponsor

Marks & Spencer

Business placements are an important part of recruitment at M&S. To help us find the right students to join our scheme, we work closely with a number of universities. Sponsoring this Award is a huge thank you to all the teams we’ve worked with during the last few years. Without them, our business placement scheme wouldn’t be where it is today.