NUE Awards

2019 marks the tenth anniversary of the National Undergraduate Employability Awards. 

Ten years of honouring work experience and recognising innovation, growth, commitment and excellence.

To mark ten years, RMP Enterprise are pulling out all of the stops to make the NUE Awards 2019 the biggest celebration of them all. 

We invite you to join us in celebrating the outstanding achievements of everyone involved in supporting and inspiring students in taking the first steps in their career.

Whether you're a student who has just completed their work experience, a dedicated placements officer or an employer looking for top talent, everyone is welcome.  

Join us on Friday 1st March to learn about the industry, celebrate excellence and have a good time!


Attending the NUE awards was an amazing experience. It was inspiring to hear the keynote speakers discussing the value of undergraduate employment.
Angus George
Angus George
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John Doe
John Doe, PWC
The NUE awards was a fantastic event, and one of a kind in terms of the focus it has on placement opportunities, and helping students secure top quality work experience.
Lizzy Jones
Lizzy Jones
We enjoyed the NUE Awards as every year professionally organized event with very inspirational speakers. Looking forward to partnering with you and here’s to the 10th anniversary of the NUE Awards
Ula Dolska
Ula Dolska

Thank you to all of our supporters and sponsors