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Guest speakers grace the NUE Award stage to share thought provoking insight, key learnings from their personal experiences and spark discussion.

Special guest

Coming soon

We have a very exciting guest speaker coming to join us for the tenth anniversary. Stay tuned to find out who... 

Stephen Isherwood

Chief Executive at Institute of Student Employers

Sheridan Ash

Technology and Investments Director and Women in Technology Leader at PwC

Robyn Howard

Marketing and Communications Senior Manager, Technology & Investments at PwC

Attending the NUE awards was an amazing experience. It was inspiring to hear the keynote speakers discussing the value of undergraduate employment.
Angus George
Angus George
The NUE awards was a fantastic event, and one of a kind in terms of the focus it has on placement opportunities, and helping students secure top quality work experience.
Lizzy Jones
Lizzy Jones
We enjoyed the NUE Awards as every year professionally organized event with very inspirational speakers. Looking forward to partnering with you and here’s to the 10th anniversary of the NUE Awards
Ula Dolska
Ula Dolska

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