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How to Enter

Nominating in the NUE Awards comes at absolutely no cost.

There are 17 Awards in total:

  • 6 employer Awards
  • 6 university Awards
  • 5 student Awards

You can find out about the individual entry criteria for each Award by clicking here. After you’ve decided which Award you would like to enter, you simply click the ‘nominate’ button.

Click the magic button and you will be directed to our online nomination platform. Just fill out the required details about yourself and your team / organisation (please note, you will need to start a new application for each Award you enter) and once completed you will be led onto the nomination questions.

Our top tip: Copy and paste the questions into a word document to check for spelling and grammar ahead of submitting the nomination officially.

When carefully assessing your nominations we are looking for entries that are:


    We want to reward bespoke programmes, achievements and developments which elevate undergraduate work experience. If you do something individual and one-of-a-kind we want to know about it.


    Have you made a difference to an organisation? Inspired students to get involved with work experience? Participated and executed innovative recruitment strategy? Click that nominate button.

    Detailed and informative

    With competition as rife as ever, your entry needs to include details such as YoY comparisons, vital statistics and clear descriptions of your initiatives and successes.

Hint: We love stats! If you can quantify a success and report on improvements then you will 100% be getting brownie points.

For further hints and tips on how to stand out from the crowd, please download our guide here, kindly supplied by Gary Argent from Graduate Transitions.

If you have any questions on the submission process then please speak to amirah@rmpenterprise.co.uk / 0203 056 7703.