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Student Awards


We have five independent student awards which honour the hard work and determination of students to make a difference to organisations and to the world of work experience as a whole.

The shortlist will be announced in December so make sure you check out the website to find out who makes the top five. To all those who have entered - good luck!

Best Placement Student


This Award celebrates the amazing contribution that students make to businesses across the UK. Our finalists have made a genuine, measurable impact to their business whilst on placement. And there’s £250 up for grabs for the winning student too!


Best Intern


This Award celebrates intern students who have exceeded expectations and genuinely made a significant impact to their team, department or the business as a whole. Perhaps the student has directly impacted the company’s bottom line, or developed a new cost-saving system? We give out a nice £250 to match the trophy.


Best Student Contribution to a Small to Medium-sized Employer


Rewarding students who have made an impact in a small business is close to our hearts at RMP Enterprise. This Award recognises the student who has exceeded expectations and genuinely made a significant impact to the small business as a whole. They also receive £250 for their hard work!


NEW! Best Brand Manager

The role of Brand Manager can be exceptionally hard especially when juggling a degree and university life. Spotlighting students who have helped to break down barriers on campus in a creative, intuitive and successful way is very important. For many companies they are the fuel to their undergraduate marketing campaigns so we want to identify those champions and celebrate them. The winner also gets £250 to say thank you.


Best University Society

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Sponsored by Enterprise Rent-A-Car


This award spotlights societies who encourage their members to participate in work experience as well as providing them with opportunities to develop their employability skills. The best society will win £1,000!


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