Accenture, submitted by AIA Worldwide

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About the Award

The recruitment focused Award looks to exhibit those companies who create targeted and unique student led campaigns on campus and digitally, with a main focus to deliver ROI and student hires to the business.

Why They Won

  • Linked the changing needs of their business into a sensory, experiential campus campaign, giving students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a series of sights, sounds, touch and smells
  • Using cutting-edge technology, students had their brain’s reactions mapped to various stimuli, sharing personalised insights into their own, unique thinking process, whilst matching their capabilities to the roles they offered students
  • The integrated campaign provided content, events and collateral alongside the installation, reaching 50,000 students, seeing a 152% increase in website traffic and female event attendance increase 56% year-on-year


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A word from the Sponsor

University of York

This new Award is a chance to recognise the success of those graduate employers who put a lot of time and energy into their recruitment marketing campaigns and we are proud to sponsor such a well deserved Award.

At York we are committed to developing strong partnerships with graduate employers to support their recruitment campaigns. We want to celebrate and champion those employers who have an innovative approach to their campaigns which inspire our students to succeed in the graduate market. Congratulations to the winning campaign!