Yi Kang Choo

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About the Award

The role of Brand Ambassador can be exceptionally hard especially when juggling a degree and university life. Spotlighting students who have helped to break down barriers on campus in a creative, intuitive and successful way is very important. For many companies, they are the fuel to their undergraduate marketing campaigns so we want to identify those champions and celebrate them. The winner receives £250 alongside their trophy.

Why they won

  • Promoted and supported five events, all with over 50 attendees. They also drove new initiatives across social platforms and trial their organisations' very first paperless campaign through using QR codes.
  • They filmed extra content for the wider campaign and completed and exceeded ALL targets by 300% - directing 1,600 students from their university to the organisations application pages.
  • Their Account Manager was quoted as saying they were “The most friendly, helpful, motivated, engaged and high achieving Brand Ambassador i've ever managed.”


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