Olivia Williams, Brand Ambassador for Linklaters

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About the Award

The role of Brand Ambassador can be exceptionally hard especially when juggling a degree and university life. Spotlighting students who have helped to break down barriers on campus in a creative, intuitive and successful way is very important. For many companies, they are the fuel to their undergraduate marketing campaigns so we want to identify those champions and celebrate them. The winner also gets £250 to say thank you. 

Why They Won

  • Olivia's combination of online and face-to-face promotion of Linklaters' brand and campus events left no stone unturned with multiple touch-points across the target audience across their campus
  • The innovation and initiative in creating her own insights and application tips video, helping her to stand out and direct over 2,000 students from her campus visit the Linklaters' website


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A word from the Sponsor

On-Campus Promotions

On-Campus Promotions knows how important it is for students to learn from other students, especially when it comes to their career choices. That’s why we’re proud to be sponsoring the Best Brand Ambassador Award! It's amazing that Olivia has won this award, huge congratulations!