The University of Liverpool and Crowberry Consulting

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About the Award

Collaboration is a core value here at RateMyPlacement - this is why we praise influential collaborations developed between universities and employers to offer students additional employability skills and opportunities.

Why they won

  • Ran a scheme with many SME’s within their region, with the aim of upskilling students and inspiring them to stay within the region upon graduation.
  • 132 students enhanced their employability through exclusive short-term internship experiences, with the main partner supporting students through legal internships, particularly in the energy, environmental and human rights sectors.
  • The partnership was described by the judges as “outstanding regional employer engagement”... Tackling often challenging SME engagement on a large scale.
  • With fantastic videos within their submission, the partnership has also addressed under-representation within their sectors, inspiring a more diverse and inclusive workforce for the future.


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